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We were the proud owners of many beautiful Alaskan Malamutes.

We had three malamute litters, with a total of 23 puppies. 19 were x-rayed, all of them had perfect hips (A). 


Inn til sjekkpunkt Sølen 92
Polardog-race 1992, Nch NV-90 Taira, Watzikimas Flying Fruska and Fritjof, Hermund getting into the check point

LøpSølen med Taira, Bumper og Sumak
Just started, Anne Cathrine racing Nch NV-90 Taira, NChTopkoks Iditarod Sumak og N Ch Topkoks Eagle Bumper
Løp Sølen med Taira, Tuva og Brom
Anne Cathrine racing Nch NV-90 Taira, NchWatzikimas Gee Tuva og Watzikimas Gee Brom, Sølenstua
Påsketur på Hardangervidda
Easter at Hardangervidda 1991
Nch NV-90 Taira, Watzikimas Flying Fritjof,  Watzikimas Flying Fruska, Multi Ch Zagoskin Maleygmyuts Kre Aklak
Påsketur med kennel Najanin
Team Najanin and Watzikima


6-spann med Hermund
Hermund with six happy malamutes at Glenna; Nch NV-90 TairaNchWatzikimas Gee Tuva, Brom, Watzikimas Flying Fruska, Fritjof og Tracker
Treningstur med stort og smått
Training malamutes and basenjis, Eirik in the sled...
Treningstur med Fritjof og Fruska
Training Watzikimas Flying Fruska, Fritjof and the fox terrier Funny, Magnus in the sled
Tur i skogen, Taira, Tuva og Friska
In the woods with Nch NV-90 Taira, NchWatzikimas Gee Tuva and Watzikimas Flying Fruska

We bought N Ch W-90 Taira from Hege Hauff and Svein Tore Bøe, kennel Najanin, in 1985.

She proved to be a very good looking and sound malamute bitch - always hard working in harness, she was a perfect family dog and also produced very good puppies.

  Taira Bir Veteran  N Uch NV-90 Taira
  Taira 7 år                                                               Taira 8 år

 N Uch NV-90 Taira   Anne C og Taira på Finse     
Taira 2 years                                                        Anne Cathrine and Taira at Finse